• For my budget, Biomedical Solutions got me the equipment I needed for a fraction of the cost other vendors was quoting.


  • When I call on Biomedical Solutions, I can be assured of reliable, efficient service.


  • My clinic is a better place based on the service support I get from the Biomedical Solutions’ team.


  • Honest and reliable service! I definitely recommend Biomedical Solutions.


  • Service Always on time and cost effective. I won’t call anyone else!


  • I needed a part urgently. Biomedical Solutions had it here and installed in record breaking time


  • No need for me to call abroad, Biomedical Solutions is here- right in my own back yard!


  • finally got my section 9. A fellow physician told me to contact Biomedical Solutions. Today, with the help of Biomedical Solutions Facility Design Team they made my dream of having my own medical practice a reality!


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About us


Biomedical Solutions is a medical equipment sales, service and support company, based in New Providence, Bahamas and is solely Bahamian owned. Established in 2004, with more than 10 years experience in the field as a company and 100 years of experience collectively within our support network and vendor partners, we strive on providing comprehensive healthcare technology solutions that increases productivity, lifespan and the stability of medical, dental and laboratory equipment. Our professionally trained and certified Engineers and Technicians aim to provide cost effective customer satisfaction for our clients.

We provide technical and consulting services to a wide range of international, local and even family island medical establishments not limited to hospitals, physicians’ offices and clinics both public and privately operated. With the implementation of any one of our customized Equipment Management Plans, we ensure that your equipment downtime will be kept at a minimal, resulting in enhanced patient care and patient safety notwithstanding increased revenue gain! Our experienced and reputable consultants will help to design any new or renovated facilities according to the latest Healthcare delivery service trends. We keep your best interest at the forefront of our service in efforts to secure your patients’ satisfaction and their loyalty to your establishment.



We know what matters most to our clients – quality patient care. Our qualified Biomedical Engineers and Technicians partner with our clients to ensure that their medical, dental and laboratory equipment remain in excellent condition, ensuring safe, efficient, reliable patient care.

We provide the following services to our valued customers:
  • Biomedical Equipment Acquisition Consultation Service
  • Biomedical Equipment Room Design and Development
  • Biomedical Equipment System Configuration/Installation Service
  • Biomedical Equipment Commissioning/Decommissioning
  • Biomedical Equipment Deinstallation
  • Biomedical Equipment Maintenance Management Plan Development
  • Biomedical Equipment Technology Evaluations
  • Biomedical Equipment Hazard Recall Watch/ Reporting
  • Biomedical Specialty Services (externally provided specialties i.e. Medical Gas Testing etc.)
  • Biomedical Equipment Specification Development
  • Biomedical On-site Training Service
  • Healthcare Project Management
  • As-Builts Service
  • Biomedical Tech Support (via telephone or live chat)
  • Biomedical On Site Tech Support Troubleshooting.
  • NFPA 99 Electrical Safety Testing
  • Biomedical Medical Instrument Repair/Sharpening
  • Biomedical Corrective and Preventative Maintenance
  • Biomedical Equipment Performance/Calibration/Certification Inspections
Don’t see what you need? Live Chat with us 24/7. One of our certified Engineer
or technicians is available to answer your query.

We can assist with the acquisition of equipment to establish new medical offices, replace obsolete equipment or outfit your department. Budget constraints? No problem! We can provide or procure used or refurbished equipment at a fraction of the cost! Both new and used equipment are tested and certified by our biomedical Engineers and Technicians.

We sell but are not limited to all makes and models of the following equipment:
  • Autoclaves
  • Adult-Pedi Scales
  • Blood Pressure Equipment
  • Centrifuges
  • Dental Equipment
  • Diagnostic Equipment
  • Digital Scales
  • Digital Thermometers
  • Dopplers
  • EKGs/Stress Systems
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Microscopes/Colposcopes
  • Power Exam Tables
  • Vacuum Pumps